Meet the Artist of the Month.


Tired Pirate.

TiredPirate is a contemporary abstract painter who lives and works in Denver, Colorado. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his detailed paintings pay homage to his love of nature, live music and pop culture. His distinctive personal style emanates movement through lines and expresses a frenetic spirit. You can see his work around town as permanent fixtures in such locations as Black Shirt Brewing (“Love At All Cost”) and 1UP(“The Space Invader”).

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Instagram: TiredPirate
Facebook: @TiredPirate


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Meet the Mural Artist


Ashley Joon

@AshleyJoonArt  #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

@AshleyJoonArt #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

Find the Artist here

Instagram @AshleyJoonArt