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I was fortunate to grow up emerged in the arts. My family led by example, encouraging me to be creative and showing me the difference between passion and a hobby. Between professional tattooing, “fine art” mural work and art education I have been able to carve out a rewarding career. Working alongside some incredible people. Denver has always been home and I am happy to be contributing to our communities culture.

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Instagram: @redrum_ley
Facebook: Ian Rumley


Phil spaulding

Born and raised in Denver Metro area, I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. I have worked in various mediums and styles through out my career. You can find my work in galleries, at comic and horror cons, art festivals, in magazines and on the walls of the many collectors I have around the world. I create images that provoke thought and questioning, however, I also create images that remind viewers of their past and present. Bringing the viewer into my unconscious and conscious mind allows me to interact with humans on a deeper level of thought and ideology.

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Instagram: @philspauldingart


Hazel is here to support artists as well as give back to our community. 

A portion of the commission received by Hazel will be donated to Tennyson Center for Children


Meet the Mural Artist


Ashley Joon

@AshleyJoonArt  #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

@AshleyJoonArt #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

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Instagram @AshleyJoonArt