Thank you for your interest. I am always excited to meet new artists!

I have an enormous appreciation for Artists. The talent you all possess is mind blowing! My Great Auntie, Hazel,  was my biggest fan when I was a kid. I would sketch, color, paint and plaster her fridge with my masterpieces. Unfortunately for me, my talent for that pretty much ended in the 6th grade. However, my love and appreciation for art continues to grow with me and I continue to practice.

Auntie used to say, “We get our great joy by helping others”. Let me tell you…she helped me a lot! She was an incredible woman. Out of the love of art and for my auntie, HAZEL was created. Designed as an enjoyable neighborhood bar which brings the community together through art and creativity. Hazel is here to support artists as well as give back to our community. 

In order to keep the art alive on South Pearl Street, HAZEL is offering you the following:

  • 60ft gallery wall free of charge* 

  • 4 weeks of display *

  • Commission split 70% Artist and 30% HAZEL* 

  • Feature in the HAZEL newsletter  

  • A link of your bio and website on the HAZEL Website

  • Opportunity to host your own First Friday reception 

  • Experience the joy of giving back to others* 

  • Ability to select a nonprofit or charity

We are also very happy to discuss teaching opportunities. HAZEL hosts monthly classes for those interested in learning a new craft. Please include your idea if you are interested.

* Wall can be shared with other approved artists. Art will be rotated on Wednesday before the First Friday of each month. A portion of the Commission received by HAZEL will be donated to the featured nonprofit or local fundraiser. I encourage you (but do not expect you) to donate one of your pieces or a small percentage of your sales to the featured nonprofit or fundraiser.


Name *
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I will do my best to respond to completed submissions within 30 days. Reasons your work may not be selected are; offensive content, craftsmanship, or price point.

Thank you kindly for your submission.