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barbara yates beasley.

A love for the animal kingdom has always been a guiding principle in my fabric collages. From a wild collection of fabric emerges the personality of my subjects. Many animals sport crazy colors that express their freedom to be themselves, and not just be a part of the pack.
With my camera always at the ready, I capture images of animals wherever I go. These later become the basis for my patterns and a roadmap to the animal’s soul. I try to be sensitive to how my subject is feeling and transform that into a piece that tells a story. Exploring how the turn of a head or the look in an eye can communicate volumes between our species. By capturing and communicating a sense of joy or connection and highlighting the animal world around us, I hope to foster a deeper understanding and compassion for the animals—and for ourselves.

I am a Colorado native, growing up in the foothills west of Boulder. I was influenced early on by the quilts and textile arts in the home, and by the dogs, goats, rabbits, and chickens outside the home. I have been creating animal fabric collages since 2005 and working as a full-time artist since 2012.

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Ashley Joon

@AshleyJoonArt  #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

@AshleyJoonArt #SmelltheBlooms #WhatBloomsYou

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